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TYPHOON is a San Francisco-based design studio that provides architectural design and construction advisory services for various projects, including custom homes, communal spaces, and remodels. Our mission is to create thoughtful, well-considered, and artful spaces that enhance design and functionality for our clients and uplift our communities. We approach each project with a design-build mentality. We embrace a design-build approach to every project, with our clients and contractors as our partners. 

Our studio design process rests in the clear-eyed center of a complex set of factors: client vision, site potential, and stakeholder demands, as well as budget constraints and builder partnerships. Our work is grounded in principles of resilience and ecology. By guiding each project through the storm of complexity, we give rise to lasting products and livable spaces.

Most of our current work comes from residential building and remodeling, but we are interested in taking on community-based projects as well. We are especially intent on endeavors that increase housing density (such as ADUs), help build and maintain communities, and provide affordable ways to provide much-needed housing for all in San Francisco and the wider Bay Area. 

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