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TYPHOON is a design build studio based in San Francisco, CA, and provides architectural design and construction management services for a range of projects, including communal spaces, custom homes and remodels.  Our mission is to create thoughtful, well-considered, and artful spaces that provide improved design and function to all types of clients and communities.

TYPHOON spins at the confluence of the building, the land and the people within and around the project site. Our studio design process rests in the clear-eyed center of a complex set of factors: client vision, site potential, and stakeholder demands, as well as budget constraints and builder partnerships. Our work is grounded in principles of resilience and ecology. By guiding each project through the storm of complexity, we give rise to lasting products and livable spaces.

Most of our current work comes from residential building and remodeling, but we are interested in taking on community-based projects as well. We are especially intent on endeavors that increase housing density (such as ADUs), help build and maintain communities, and provide affordable ways to provide housing for all in San Francisco and the wider Bay Area. 


Alex was born in the Bay Area and raised by a biologist and a mechanic. From an early age she learned to see the world at multiple scales: from the huge web of social and environmental ecologies, down to the minute details in small structures.


With each unique design project, she works to infuse the overarching design concept with multiple scales of attention and detail. She finds the most joy in creative and collaborative design processes, and as an avid environmentalist, she provides sustainable ideas for every scale of project and budget. Alex believes design can make a difference in all peoples' lives.

Alex holds a B.A. in Art from UCLA and a M.Arch from California College of the Arts. Her professional experience ranges from urban design, to cultural and institutional projects, to residential design. After many years of experience in early-concept design projects, Alex's experience in construction where she saw ideas come to life, has inspired her to focus on smaller scale design projects. 

Alex is a licensed architect in the state of Washington and working toward licensure in the state of California.

21015317 - Washington License



Haley is a landscape architect and Principal at Plural. Haley was drawn to landscape architecture for its power to function as a medium for activism and is committed to social and environmental justice through designing and planning sustainable urban environments. She is inspired by cities, particularly the complexities of their social, political, and ecological systems, which create challenges and enrich design.


Santiago is an amazing craftsperson, who has built homes from the inside out over the last fifteen plus years. He can do it all. We look to him for a depth of knowledge on all things construction, especially constructability and detailing. 


More on Santiago soon!

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